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Changing times and priorities have made it clear that making money isn’t the only indicator of a company’s success. A company’s sustainability is one of the most critical factors. This issue should be a core part of its operations to ensure that it remains competitive and attractive to investors and customers. Today, these are the top companies making an effort to improve our environment. 


One of the world’s largest corporations, HP has several impressive environmental programs. Through its Sustainable Impact initiative, the company has recycled over 875 million ink cartridges and prevented over 1.7 million pounds of plastic from going into the ocean. It has also been able to eliminate the use of all single-use plastic packaging by 2025. By 2025, it will become the world’s leading printer supply recycler.


It’s no longer possible for people to claim to be eco-friendly individuals without also being a vegetarian. Meat production is considered one of the world’s most harmful industries, and the company that changed the game by partnering with Burger King is Impossible.

Being vegan is one of the most significant advantages that people can give to the planet by going vegetarian. Compared to beef, Impossible’s vegan burgers have less impact on the environment. They also use 87% less water and have less greenhouse gas emissions.


One of the most prominent companies that value environmentalism early on is the apparel giant Patagonia, known for its commitment to sustainability since its inception. Through its voluntary 1% “Earth tax,” the company has been able to support various environmental organizations.

Unlike other companies that hire celebrity spokespeople, Patagonia uses its stars to further its cause. The company has raised awareness for its environmental programs through global sports activists.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation’s cleaning products are made with natural and non-toxic ingredients, and they can inform their customers about how much petroleum was saved after using their products. The company also has several action programs and environmental activism initiatives. Its partners include the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and the Certified Corporation. One of its most prominent programs is Commit to Clean, which encourages cities to adopt 100% clean energy.