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In order to address the climate emergency we are facing, several new green technologies are expected to make waves in 2022. These technologies are designed to help us replace some of the harmful activities that are currently harmful to the environment.

Electric Vehicles

One of the most essential factors that experts consider when it comes to addressing the climate emergency is the reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels. One of the new green technologies expected to make waves in 2022 is the Vehicle-to-Home (V2H). This concept allows people to charge their electric cars at night when electricity prices are lower. It can also provide power to their homes during the day.


Despite the widespread use of recycling in developed countries, it is still not enough to recycle all the plastic produced. Various chemical recycling methods are currently being explored to convert plastic chains into fuel. However, these methods consume much energy. Athina Anastasaki, a polymer chemist at ETH Zurich, and her team have developed a technique to break down plastic chains into their fundamental components. This method can create new products by recovering up to 92% of the plastic blocks.

Green Crypto

While it may seem that digital assets should be considered environmentally friendly, this is not the case. They require a variety of physical-world operations to operate. According to estimates, Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency, consumes more energy than other countries such as Belgium, Israel, and Austria. In response to this issue, Sweden has called on the European Union to ban the mining of cryptocurrencies. This move could help the country meet its climate targets by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

3D Printed Property

The construction industry is one of the most significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the activities involved in cement production, it is estimated that this sector causes 8% of global emissions. This is a difficult feat to avoid, as it involves a heavily dependent process on fossil fuels. 

One of the most promising solutions to the construction industry’s environmental issues is 3D printing. This technology, commonly referred to as additive manufacturing, can be used to build houses. Several companies have already started using this method. This method can reduce the transportation of these materials by 95%. This process is often one of the main factors that prevent developing countries from successfully carrying out construction projects.