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Getting the best organic and fair trade products can take time and research. However, with the help of shops dedicated to creating ethical and sustainable products, you can easily find the products you need. This article is a list of sustainable marketplaces that are ideal places to find ethical and fair products.

  1. Made Trade

A couple who previously worked in social enterprises started Made Trade. They wanted to create an online marketplace that enables conscious consumers to shop quickly for ethical and sustainable products. The vibrant designs and patterns of the various table linens will surely make any space look more beautiful. Made Trade also has a wide range of other products, such as apparel and cooking equipment.

  1. Goodee

With a curated selection of products that range from luxury goods to home decor, Goodee is the ideal place to find unique and ethical products. They also feature products made from sustainable materials designed to help people reduce their carbon footprint. These include bath and body products, furniture, outdoor equipment, and kids’ lifestyle goods. All of these have stories that are good for the planet and people.

  1. Brightly

Brightly offers an easy-to-shop platform for eco-friendly lifestyle goods and helps educate the average consumer about how to be more mindful of the planet. The company’s motto, “Planet over perfection,” encourages people to make small changes that can significantly impact the environment. The site makes it easy to swap harmful items from your home for more sustainable alternatives. Clear and easy-to-understand labels are featured on all the products to help people shop for goods that are both good for the environment and clean.

  1. Credo

If you are a clean beauty enthusiast looking for the best possible products but are overwhelmed by the amount of research you have to do to find the right ones, Credo can help you find sustainable and ethical products. With their extensive selection of products, you can easily avoid being misled by greenwashing. All the brands featured on this site are free from the thousands of ingredients in the Dirty List. This means you can feel confident that the products you buy are truly clean.

  1. Food 52

The Food52 community and online marketplace are perfect for home decor and food lovers. It features many products and services designed to help people live well. You’ll find everything from essential kitchen appliances to well-used and well-designed pots and pans made to last a lifetime. Their vintage shop also features unique and sustainable products.